Education: Art, Art History, Structural Welding, Metalurgy


years of experience

Design, Restoration, Fabrication, Installation. Art design, Art metal.

Experience in metals Aluminum through Zinc. 

Finishes....hot and cold patinas, paints and lacquers.  

Numerous custom hand finishes.

private collections

owl is aluminum 33"  height 23" width steel base 6" height

tree frog is cast bronze and patinated 20" height

Installed at Columbia County Portage Wisconsin Health and Social Service Building.

Each bird is 6 feet wide (1m 83cm), 7 feet long (2m 13cm), and 5lbs (2.27 kilos). These are finished with patinated aluminum and tint lacquers.

Photo credit: Fred Teitgen Photo

Installed at Burying Ground - Town of Dunn, Wisconsin

Hand-Forged Copper Sandhill Cranes installed  and fabricated in traditional hand wrought iron. Gates are 20' in height and each leaf is 7' width. Sandhill cranes are patinated copper 3/4 scale.

Photos Courtesy of Mark Jung https://www.mjungatart.com/ 

Video courtesy of Mark Jung


Installed at a private residence in Madison, WI.

The bull bison, Bill, is 11 feet long (3 meters 35cm), 8 feet heigh (2 meters, 44cm), and 4 feet wide (1 meter, 22cm) and weighs approximately 1,200 pounds (545 Kilos). 

The cow bison, Bella, is 10 feet long (3 meters 5cm), 8 feet high (2 meters 44cm), and 3.5 feet wide (1 meter 7cm) and weighs 1,100 pounds (500 Kilos).

The baby bison, Billy, is 6 feet long (1 meter 83cm), 3 feet high (91cm), and 18 inches wide (45cm) and weighs 125 pounds (57 Kilos). 

Installed at The Ridges Sanctuary - Baileys Harbor, Door County, Wisconsin.

Each dragon fly is 6 feet long (1 meter 83cm) and weighs 15 ounces. Fabricated from patinated aluminum, colored glass, and cellophane.

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